Emily's Story

I've had all of my children at AMC, quite honestly, because of Dr. Jones. He delivered my first child, my daughter, and I had such a good experience that we just went back.

But beyond my physician, the nurses were fabulous. And I mean every time I went they were great! I was young and I breastfed when I had my first daughter. Honestly, they treated me like I was someone special -- not like I was a naïve 17-year old. They were respectful.

With the twins, I was told that it was too high risk and that I should go to a doctor in Columbia and not to Dr. Jones. But I refused. I work here...I live here...and I wanted to deliver here. After talking with Dr. Jones, he assured me that, even though my age and the twins put me in a higher risk, everything would be OK.

And it was.

Throughout the pregnancy with my twins, there were no problems or complications and he treated me just like anybody else. With his office right here in Mexico, I easily popped in twice a week. I was also visiting AMC twice a week for biophysical profiles of the twins.

How was my care and delivery experience at Audrain Medical Center? In a word, fabulous!

I loved it! I didn't care who took care of me - they were all great. The surgery crew (I had a C-Section), treated me with respect -- just like all their other patients.

Donna's Story

I started having my children at AMC nearly 40 years ago. That's before we had OB/GYNs -- our family doctors took care of things like that. I remember being scared, but I also recall that the nurses were so kind, especially one named Ms. Ogar. She had directed the OB/GYN unit at AMC for years and made it like a family affair.

Today, I serve as a Charge Nurse at AudrainMedicalCenter and the family affair continues. All six of my grandchildren have been born at AudrainMedicalCenter and all of my girls are now nurses at the hospital. So, it really is a family!

I remember when my youngest daughter had her children. My husband had missed her birth because he got called away. But for the birth of her child, Watson, the whole family was together. It was just wonderful!

One reason why AMC is such a great place for babies is this -- I would much rather have people I know taking care of me.

As a nurse, I realize this fact puts me on the spot. When I run into you at Wal Mart, I want to be proud of the way we took care of you. And I want that same thing as a patient.