Connie's Story

When it was time to have our first baby, my husband and I decided to stay local for the convenience factor. We already knew our doctors in town, and live only a few minutes away from the hospital.

Another deciding factor came from talking to my friends. Some had their deliveries in Columbia and had positive experiences. Still, others decided to stay in town, and those friends talked about how there was such a personal and community ‘feel’ to having your baby at AMC. Plus, Dr. Jones came very highly recommended, and I was already seeing his nurse practitioner for routine appointments. We just felt more comfortable building a rapport with my local physician. Read Connie's Story

Molly's Story

MollyMaking the decision to have our babies at Audrain Medical Center was about more than just convenience. For us, it was also about trust and peace of mind.

We had two great experiences with AMC and Dr. Jones. There is comfort knowing that I could (and did!) pick up the phone and call my doctor in the middle of the night when I had concerns about my pregnancy -- and he was always there for us. Read Molly's Story

Melissa's Story

MollyWhen I found out I was pregnant I knew exactly whom I wanted delivering my baby -- Dr. Michael Jones.

He is the main reason I chose to have my baby at AMC. He and his staff are wonderful and I could call at any time for any concern I had during my pregnancy. I always got a prompt reply which led to my family being extremely comfortable throughout my pregnancy. Read Melissa's Story

Emily's Story

Emily I've had all of my children at AMC, quite honestly, because of Dr. Jones. He delivered my first child, my daughter, and I had such a good experience that we just went back. Read Emily's Story

Mandy's Story

MandyWhy did I choose to have my fourth baby at AMC?

Well, we had our first three babies in Columbia and my doctor there quit delivering babies. I started hearing some good things about Dr. Jones -- and I also knew Tami Trabue, one of the nurses at AMC -- so we decided to stay in the community this time around. Read Mandy's Story

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